Baxter, Denise: Denise’s ankle joint replacement is scheduled for February 1st. It will be done at Lourdes Hospital in Pasco. Please pray for this surgery to be more successful than the fusion they did before. Also, pray for the 24/7 pain she’s had for a very long time to be relieved. Denise is very thankful for all the previous prayers they definitely made a difference! (1-17-2023)
Please be praying for Denise Baxter regarding her upcoming ankle fusing surgery. She doesn’t know yet exactly when it will be but pray for her as she prepares for it, that it gets scheduled soon, for the surgery itself, and for quick recovery. (10-27-2022)

Bedell, Trish: Jennifer was diagnosed with gallstones. She will see her primary doctor today. Pray that her doctor can find a plan for her like changing her diet, etc. She does not want to remove her gallbladder at this time. Please pray for wisdom for her doctor and for Jennifer’s comfort. She got home from the ER last night. Thank you for praying! (1-17-2023)
Please pray for Trish’s daughter, Jennifer Beach, who was taken to the hospital directly from work this afternoon. She was experiencing very high blood pressure and vomiting. Carl, her husband, is the one who had the stroke on December 29th. He is doing better, but now Jennifer… She has been under a lot of stress from work, etc. Pray for her doctor to find out the cause of her high blood pressure. Thank you! (1-16-2023)

Carl was released from the hospital Monday, January 2. He has made a lot of progress and the doctors told him he is not a candidate for in-house rehab so he will have outpatient rehab. I don’t know the details yet. His right hand still has not recovered from his stroke. He will be on oral medication to help reduce his blood clot. Please pray for a complete recovery for Carl. Thank you for all your prayers they are helping him so much ❤️‍! (1-3-2023)
Please pray for my son-in-law Carl Beach. He had a stroke yesterday, December 29, and has an 80% blockage of the carotid artery. The doctors are not sure if the 2 are related. He is being transferred to a much larger hospital in Santa Barbara, 90 minutes south of Pismo Beach. My daughter Jennifer is following the ambulance to Cottage Hospital. Please pray for peace and comfort for my daughter and for the doctors to find the best treatment for Carl. I am in Pismo Beach with my family. Thank you! (12-30-2022)

Ferguson, Joey: Joey is fully alert and making baby steps, with some ups and downs, toward discharge. He is being evaluated today for possibly spending a few days in rehab prior to returning to his group home. He will be followed up by an endocrinologist, hematologist, and nutritionist to help him be strong enough to fight future infections. Thank you for your love and support! (12-29-2022)
Joey Ferguson (age 15) is in the hospital in Spokane with pneumonia and unexplained low responsiveness. He was moved out of PICU after 6 days but is still very sick. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and Joey’s comfort. (12-27-2022)

Foster: Ed & Patty: Patty’s sister, Susie, passed away in hospice this morning. The family is praising God for her life and her peaceful passing. If you would like to send a card, Ed & Patty’s address is: 2370 Hummingbird Ln, West Richland, WA 99353. (1-10-2023)

Merizema, Christine: Melia is home and doing well! Praise God that everything went smoothly! Thank you for all the prayers! (1-18-2023)
Please pray for Christina’s daughter, Melia. She will be having surgery tomorrow, January 18, to have her tonsils and adenoids removed, and to have tubes placed in her ears. Thank you!

Praise that Christina’s pituitary tumor is small enough that we are just going to watch it! God is so good! (1-17-2023)

Mouat: Will & Stacy: Will and Stacy’s oldest son, Ryan, has medical issues that are resulting in his medical retirement from the Navy. As they are processing him out, the doctors have found a new issue – his liver is very inflamed and they don’t know why. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and peace for Ryan and his wife. The upcoming transition is stressful but adding new health issues is a little scary for them. (1-10-2023)

Smith, Harry: Harry is requesting prayer as he is in the process of transitioning to an assisted living facility. He is experiencing swelling in his legs which is causing mobility issues. He is currently in Richland Rehab, 1745 Pike Ave (visitors welcome), and will remain there until a long-term solution can be found. Please pray for wisdom for him and Vicki as they navigate these changes.  (1-9-2023)